IT Consulting


Management focused on the quality of processes

Our team is our guarantee for success

We work with our clients to meet the needs of their business

Highly qualified in-house teams

Fast-moving, constantly changing environments require advanced technological solutions that improve the quality of the services our clients offer. Consulting with Alvantia professionals gives businesses immediate access, for as long as they need, to professionals with proven experience in organising and implementing technological projects

The goal is to accelerate business through technology

We develop real solutions designed to meet the needs of major clients

Technological consulting

We assess the alternative technologies available and propose solutions that favour an agile and dynamic working environment

Business consulting

Our deep knowledge of the ICT sector in banking environments makes us the expert leader in business consulting for corporate banking financing products: Factoring, Confirming, Leasing and Renting

Process consulting

Process consulting lets us explore the business processes of our clients in detail. The strategic objectives will define the guidelines to transform these processes


Our team is the driving force of our company

We create solutions that improve the competitive position of our clients

Business focus

Our ultimate goal is to respond to our clients’ needs and business objectives

Alvantia‘s clients are our main priority. Our role is to design and implement high quality innovative solutions

Total quality in processes

Our management model directs all our efforts towards achieving total quality in processes

Our mission is to help our clients reach their goals. To achieve this, we optimally manage the whole process so that our technological solutions meet their growing needs

Monitoring and reviews

We work alongside our clients throughout the whole project

Thanks to our focus on the projects we work on and on getting to know our clients, we can effectively detect their needs and predict possible problems and barriers that may arise during the projects

Human resources

Our managers have a double role: they manage projects/processes and people

Our distinctive management style means our managers’ role centres on controlling of results and the importance of people, supporting and motivating the team and carrying out tasks that ensure quality of service