Custom business solution development


Agile methodologies, continuous integration and total quality

Developing ideas, improving processes

The most advanced technology at your service

We develop closed projects for our clients, resolving their problems and meeting their needs.
 The quality of the end product is guaranteed through an exhaustive certification process based on the paradigm of continual integration

Our workforce guarantee the technical viability of the projects, with support from advanced technology platforms. We guarantee optimal verification for each development of our custom solutions

We are a flexible business. We adapt to the growing needs of our clients on a daily basis and build both small and large projects, such as the complete automation of your organisation

Experts in developing custom business solutions

Our experience combined with our quality and management process allow us to deal with your projects with absolute assurance

Mobile solutions

Alvantia views mobile solution development as a current and future necessity, developing custom applications with the latest technology and the most innovative designs. We specialise in developing for Android, iOS and HTML5, and in using tools such as PhoneGap and Titanium

Intranet and portals

We have vast experience developing web portals on an international level, based on the latest technology. We guarantee the implementation of your intranet as a vehicle to promote and share knowledge and increase productivity in your company

Interface development

Graphic design should above all improve usability. The primary focus of our work must be to understand users’ needs. Combining the use of the many techniques and tools available to do this, followed by expert analysis of the results, ensures that we can build a user-oriented solution

Software factory

Our Software Factory includes a variety of development and test environments. We have successfully introduced a paradigm of total quality and continuous integration, enabling us to build robust software in an optimal process. We regularly carry out performance tests to guarantee the final success of our solutions


Flexibility and specialisation

We know that all our clients are different, and therefore their needs are different too

As Factoring and Confirming specialists, we offer our clients the best trade finance solutions developed using our 11 years of experience


We launched in 2003, offering comprehensive solutions to our clients by improving their information systems and generating innovative solutions that add value to major companies. Since then, we have achieved a high level of IT specialisation and have become leaders in developing customised solutions for corporate banking, especially in Factoring and Confirming


We are aware of the need to promote and improve the focus on the client in all our activities. In order to reach this objective, we have successfully implemented a Quality System in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Alvantia is classified by the State Government Contracts Consultation Board in the highest category for providing “Computer programme development and maintenance services”