SCF Platform


Service quality oriented software

Most innovative technology for state-of-the-art functionality

We integrate our software into your organization

Our SCF Platform provides comprehensive supplier payment management both nationally and internationally

Complete customer and supplier website 

Fully customisable: Image, language, currency and reports

Double limit control

Personalized Onboarding

Pyramid price management

Unified supplier vision

Ready to pay module

Buy-back module

Yield Sharing Management Module

Customer financing module

Machine Learning module

Benefits of our platform

Technologically Advanced

Innovative architecture in constant growth. Cloud Computing…

High functional capacity

Multitude of commercial modalities and functionalities to meet the needs of heterogeneous customers

Easily integrated

Compatible with leading business tools

Intuitive and accessible

Designed to adapt to each user. The ease of use of the solution minimises the learning curve


Highly parameterisable


Risk control

14 buena

Efficient and safe

15 buena

Global and scalable


Rapid implementation

17 buena

Cost reduction

alvantia accompanies you through the whole process: from the scope of the solution to its maintenance

Why SCF? 

Flexibility, agility and control in payment management

Benefits of a system that promotes business relations

Benefits for the end customer
  • Reduce costs in payment management
  • Comprehensive management of all domestic and international payments
  • Eliminates administrative tasks
  • Produces savings in document handling
  • Avoids loss of documents and possible forgery
  • Enables optimisation of cash management
  • Improves the company’s relationship with its suppliers
  • Optimises margins
  • Allows greater flexibility to extend payment to your suppliers. As these are guaranteed, you can dispense with other banking instruments designed for this purpose and eliminate their cost
  • In case of distribution, the client obtains additional financial income
Benefits for the supplier
  • Anticipate invoices according to your cash flow needs
  • Simple, agile and multi-channel system
  • Does not consume your banking risk
  • Improves your balance sheet image: debt ratio
  • Security in the collection of your sales
  • Efficiency in the export collection process
Benefits for the financial institution
  • Facilitates the attraction of suppliers as future customers
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Increases customer payment and collection flows
  • Increases margin per customer


We were born in 2003, offering comprehensive solutions to our clients by improving their information systems and generating innovative solutions that add value to major companies. Since then, we have achieved a high level of IT specialisation and have become leaders in developing customised solutions for corporate banking, especially in Factoring and Confirming. We are a socially responsible company and have joined the United Nations Global Compact in 2014.


We are aware of the need to promote and improve the focus on the client in all our activities. In order to reach this objective, we have successfully implemented a Quality System in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Alvantia is classified by the State Government Contracts Consultation Board in the highest category for providing “Computer programme development and maintenance services”